The Great Fundatecity War Edit


The Beginning Edit

March Madness Edit


The Purity Crisis Edit

During the calm following kadan's banning, Belo decided to take advantage of his unrivaled power and

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Wolf sniper taking aim at a Bellmainian Officer.

decided to ban all non-pure humans and non humans. Furries,Demons, were-wolves, vampires, and lycans were banned. This prompted a rebellion led by a drummaboy that was quickly beaten back by the loyalists and the newly formed Fursecution Corps. Belo claimed victory and the purity act has remained in effect ever since.

The Rise of the Newfags Edit

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The FDC RP Council Edit

In an effort to further solidify his power would form the council to give a form of limited democracy to the site. Elections would be held every six months with the most recent happening in April of 2017. Belo won the elections with near unanimous support. The Roleplay code would come out of legislation passed by the council, completely eliminating the champion system of the Kadan era. Rose would also appear in this era becoming a powerful asset of Belo.

The Meme War of 2016 Edit

Devan bouncer

Anti-Devan Meme

Devan would return and seize control of the site from Richard and Belo. This would prompt Belo to use some unique methods to undermine Devan. Using memes, Belo would reveal Devan's pedophilac and islamic ties to the world. This would drive Devan to the point of faking suicide and thus costing him the war. Belo would quickly regain control of FDC permantly solidifying his power with the blessings of Richard.

Aftermath Edit

The very dramatic and cancerous conflict would see many suicides, bannings, and abandonments on FDC. FDC would go into a nose dive after the new site update. Belo made peace with devan and kadan in March 2017 as they agreed to a mutual truce with him. Conflict still rages on, only minor members being desperate are the sources of drama this time around. Belo still reigns supreme.

In June 2017, Belocity became moderator of FDC and has been working hard to clean up the site and boost the amount of members. A worthy role of FDC's sole defender over the past 4 years. Kadan would later try launching an insurrection based on the notion Belo was a tyrant and a nazi despite being democratically elected and allowing more freedom than kadan ever did. This appears to be the beginning of the second great FDC war.

New FDC Order The Rafters Dark Legion
Leaders Isaac "Belo" Bellman

Rose Boggs

Swift Shadowfire

Biracial Dino

Kadan Alexa Stevens


Devan C. Lewis †
Casualties Sora


A Lot of Time

Many Newfags

Many Oldfags


Championship Belt





100s of blinded newfags

Results: Total control of Fundatecity


The Memes of Production

Many Bitches and Hoes

Mainly banished to Deep Web

Entered Obscurity

Forever Labeled a Pedophile

Called a pedonigger by maximus